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About Us

Artisan Collections and all things Beautiful

Straddievarious Gallery originated on the beautiful Stradbroke Island (Minjerrabah) in 2018 with the intention of helping local artists & artisans to showcase their works for sale.  The name was dreamt up more than 25 years ago whilst on holiday, walking Home Beach and dreaming of a future to retire on the island, where a passion for creating art could be pursued.

Deb McCann, Gallery Owner/Curator and Jacquie Holmes, Gallery Manager both met on North Stradbroke Island at the local Point Lookout markets four years ago where they were each selling their own creations.

As the markets were only held during holiday periods, the local artists and artisans had limited opportunity to sell their handmade works.  So, Deb & Jacquie collaborated to create a space to facilitate this on a permanent basis and started the StraddieVarious Gallery for the island’s creative pool at the Point Lookout Bowls Club.

After twelve months, family health issues dictated a return to the mainland (Cleveland) where it was decided to take StraddieVarious to the next level and a new gallery was opened at Raby Bay Harbourside.  An offer extended to showcase and sell on their behalf, the beautiful works of artists and artisans from North Stradbroke Island, the Bay Islands and mainland Redlands.

All involved with the Gallery to date have been amazed at the amount of wonderful talent within the Redlands Coast area and are determined to ensure as many artists & artisans can be supported and encouraged to pursue their creative dream.

Blue Gum Flow

By Deb McCann

Abstract depicting the patterning on the Eucalyptus Blue Gum.  Deb loves the colours of Straddie and showcases the rich aqua colours of the sea.